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Wax tart burners – the ideal solution for your leftover candle wax

Wax tart burners – transform your leftover candle wax into cheap wax tarts!

Tart burner tulips red fatOur ceramic wax tart burners (or oil burners) offer the ideal solution for your leftover candle wax. I’m sure you have all bought candles which just burned down through the middle and you were left with a lot of wax but no wick. Those of you who have children (like us) probably tried recycling the bits of wax and making new candles out of it. I know we have 🙂

There are hundreds of websites which show you how to recycle old candles properly but all that melting and pouring Oil burner house greenand setting can be a bit time consuming. So when you don’t fancy doing that any more and wonder if you should throw all your bits of wax from your cupboard in the bin, wax tart burners (or oil burners) could be just what you need. We have a huge selection of handmade ceramic wax tart burners which offer a simple solution to your leftover candle wax. All you have to do is break up the leftover bits of wax, pop them into the wax burner and light the tea light (supplied). If you would like something a bit “posher” for your wax tart burner, then why not treat yourself to some lovely handmade wax tarts or wax melts.

Oil burner sunOur ceramic wax tart burners are all hand thrown on a potter’s wheel, hand carved and hand painted. Obviously, they will work best with scented candle wax. But even if you use them with unscented wax, you will be able to enjoy a lovely atmosphere created by the wax burner. All our wax tart burners are carved out and the flickering tea light candle inside it will project lovely patterns onto walls in the dark.

We have a fabulous selection of wax tart burners in our online ceramics shop. At the moment we have lots of Christmassy designs and lovely snowy winter scenes in stock, perfect for the upcoming festive season, perfect for creating a great atmosphere in your house this Christmas. Have a browse and hopefully you will find something you like.