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Teapot with candle warmer for those long winter evenings

Teapot with tealight candle warmerTeapot with candle warmer – a functional piece of art

Christmas is all but over, again, and the days getting longer. They are still pretty short though and the dark evenings and afternoons are here to stay for a good few weeks yet. If  you’re like me, no doubt you’ll get through a mug of tea or coffee or two on those long dreary (and probably wet – at least here in Devon) afternoons. If you’re fed up with having to get up each time to make yet another cup of tea/coffee, why not make it in one of our lovely handmade ceramic teapot with candle warmer.

A teapot with candle warmer keeps your tea and coffee warm for longer

Our beautiful teapot with candle warmer is hand thrown on a potter’s wheel and hand painted. You can see how it was made on our Clay to ceramics page where we describe the throwing and glazing process. The teapot itself has a 1.5l capacity. It is approx. 26 cm wide and 26 cm tall (including the warmer). The warmer sits beautifully under the teapot and when you light the tealight candle will keep your tea nice and warm for longer.

Teapot with warmer - orange catTeapot with candle warmer – purrfect

Apart from keeping your tea warm, it will also evoke a lovely atmosphere. Why not put the teapot with candle warmer in the middle of the table when playing scrabble with your friends on those long dark days! It will look stunning and everyone can just top up their tea whenever they want. Or keep it on your coffee table while watching all those Christmas repeats 🙂

Teapot with candle warmer – great gift for a tea or coffee lover

Our beautiful handmade teapot with candle warmer would also make a very unusual present. If would be a great gift for a tea or coffee lover, for someone who collects unusual teapots, for a cat lover or simply for someone who appreciates beautiful handmade things.

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