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Poppy design ceramics

 Poppy design ceramics

Tea light holder poppiesJug - poppiesThe poppy is not only a beautiful dainty flower but also a potent symbol of our remembrance of the sacrifices made in past wars. It is probably for those reasons that the poppy design is such a popular design in art, ceramics being no exception. Pottery is the ideal art form to show off the beauty of the poppy and we have several handmade ceramic pieces with poppy design in our online ceramics shop.

Poppy design handmade ceramics – functional and beautiful at the same time

Mug - poppies fatMug - poppies tallOur poppy design ceramic pieces include functional and decorative ceramics. However, most of our poppy design ceramics combine both. They can be displayed as decorative objects of art but you don’t have to be afraid to use them. After all, that’s what they were made for, to be used and enjoyed every day! We have a varied selection of poppy design ceramics, including poppy mugs, bowls, jugs, bells, sugar pots, teapots, violin shaped wall plaques and oil burners. There really is something to choose for everyone who loves poppies!

Poppy design ceramics for your tea and coffee

Handmade ceramic teapotSugar pot poppiesFor tea and coffee lovers we have the loveliest of handmade mugs with poppy design. If you still make your tea the traditional way, in a teapot, we have something for you too, a beautiful hand thrown and hand painted teapot. And you could finish your tea set off with our pretty handmade poppy design sugar pot.

Poppy design fruit bowl – stunning for your table

Ceramic bowl 3x (poppies)Fruit bowl poppyOne of our more unusual and unique ceramic pieces must be the poppy design fruit bowl. As all our ceramics, it is hand made, thrown on a wheel and hand painted. It has a most unusual shaped edge, which really makes it stand out. It is definitely not just a ceramic bowl, it is a piece of art that will look stunning on any table or sideboard. Apart from this georgeous poppy design fruit bowl, we also have a set of three bowls in our selection. Those would be most suitable for snacks like nuts, crisps or cheese straws, but could be used for anything else, just like any other bowl.

Poppy design decorative ceramics

Bell (poppies)Violin poppies FarlapOur decorative ceramic pieces with poppies include a lovely handmade ceramic bell and a sweet  wall plaque in the shape of a violin.  The bell would make a lovely decoration or a small token gift for someone special. The violin shaped wall plaque would make a great present for a music lover or a violinist.