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Apple Baker for Delicious Baked Apples

Apple baker for baked applesWhat is an apple baker?

Our ceramic apple baker seemed to be the talking point at our ceramics stall at the Christmas Fayre that we have just done. It is an unusual product and one that you don’t see very often in the UK. A lot of people asked what it was and how it worked so we patiently explained over and over again.

The apple baker is made up of three parts: the base with a lovely carved apple motif, and the two-piece top in the shape of an apple. The bottom of the apple baker has an opening on the back for a tealight candle. Just pop an apple into the top part, cover it up, light the candle and wait for your apple to bake. The apple baker is a lovely functional piece, perfect for your baked apples.

Some delicious apple baker recipes

There are endless possible ways how to bake a delicious tasting apple in our apple baker. Here are a couple to get you started:

Apple Baker Recipe 1:  Whole baked apple. Core an apple, pour a little liquid over it (about a third of the dish), add a few spices like whole cinamon, cloves or star anise, and sugar and light the tea light. In about 2 hours your apple will be done. What liquid you use is entirely up to you. It can be water, wine, rhum, brandy etc, whatever you fancy. The smell of the baking spices will make your whole house smell absolutely delicious! A little tip: pre-bake your apple in the microwave for a minute, like you would a baking potato, to reduce baking time in the apple baker.

Apple Baker Recipe 2: Chopped baked apple. Peel and chop an apple. Mix with some nuts (chopped or whole) and sultanas, sprinkle with cinamon and pour over a little honey. Cover with lid, light the tea light and bake for about 20 minutes. Delicious, especially with some lovely Devonshire clotted cream, yummy!

To buy our apple baker, visit the apple baker page.