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Our fun ceramics mugs prove popular at Exeter Christmas Fayre

Fun ceramic mugs and cupsExeter Christmas Fayre – our first venue

Last weekend was the Westpoint Christmas Shopping Fayre and our first opportunity to show off our ceramic wares. We set our ceramics stall up on Thursday and spent half the day getting things just right for the shoppers. We brought a wide range of our ceramics, from smaller fun ceramic mugs to large ceramic jugs and bowls. Not having done it before, we didn’t have a clue how much to bring, and as it turned out we brought a little too much. But never mind, we’ll know next time. I must say that I did wish at times we had a teatowel business and not a pottery one though 🙂

Fun mugs is what shoppers liked best

Fun ceramic mugs and cupsIt was quite exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time, not knowing how people would react to our ceramics and if they would like them. The feedback from our website had been great but it would be different seeing people’s faces and reactions. Well, we shouldn’t have worried. People absolutely loved our Czech ceramics! What was interesting though was the fact that the goods that have proved the most popular in our online shop, like our ceramic oil burners and ceramic green tea sets, were not what attracted them to our stall. Our fun ceramic mugs and cups were the best-sellers and shoppers were drawn to our stall after seeing the fun ceramic mugs with cute hand painted animals on. We nearly sold out! Everyone also absolutely loved our ceramic wall plaques with our contented smiling cats and our beautiful tea light holders.

 Back next year

The whole experience was very encouraging as customers came in our stall and kept saying how much they liked our products. Most people liked our ceramics because they were different from anything else that’s on the British market at the moment. They liked our ceramics because they are colourful, cheerful and unusual. And that is at the end of the day what most of us look for when we’re hunting for presents. Something that will cheer us up and something that can’t be found anywhere else. One elderly lady told us that she used to be a potter and she bought eight mugs from us! All in all, it was a great experience and we hope to be back next year!